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Preferred names are a bit more flexible. The example “Rob Smith” above is fine here, as your preferred name is a generally accepted short form of Robert. Having your last name first is also fine as a preferred name – in fact, your preferred name can be in any order, but remember that it must have a direct link to your legal name. It will be interesting to know if the rules allow the “account name” field to be replaced with a “preferred name” field when the API is called, and if so, will Monzo schedule this? @Rika? Of course, if the last reference is clearly visible next to the account name and details – but if not, then it will be a case where I will have to remember a lot of sort codes, although, as @pysharper says, there is work at the moment that will change the above. Soon, the name of the beneficiary will be verified, and if there is no match, the payment will fail. This is an industry-wide fraud evasion initiative. You can change your preferred name at any time, just send a message and ask. It could also be argued that different employees have different interpretations of your preferred naming policy and that what is acceptable to one may not be accepted by another. If you wish to change your legal name and preferred name at the same time, you will need to provide identification with your new name. This can be something like a driver`s license or passport issued after your name change, or a marriage certificate or certificate investigation. Yes, it is possible. My brother`s preferred name isn`t even closely related to his official name, but Monzo still allowed him to be his favorite name, because that`s the name he uses informally, and the one he prefers when people call him. Ok, just to be clear.

If someone wanted to send money to my Monzo account and I gave my preferred name (not my full name). Do you still receive the money? In short, is it easy to change your name to Monzo? As I understand it, as long as I have ID and a certificate investigation confirming that I`m changing my name, everything should be fine, but what kind of Deed Polls Monzo accepts? In particular, a free versus a paid, legally, they have the same rights, but afaik some companies will refuse to accept it, and I am not able to try to force their hand in a legal dispute. Names are important because they define us and let people know who we are, but in banking, they can`t be what we want them to be unless we can prove that it`s legally who we are. We strongly believe that someone who sends you a payment should use the name by which you prefer to be known. Do legal names or just preferred names work? In correspondence with Monzo, only your preferred name will be used. Also, I am transgender and intend to change the current name on my account and card to my real name, which might seem very strange without changing a stereotypical boy name to a stereotypical girl name. But I don`t (yet) have any documents for my sex change, so I`m not sure that would complicate things. Full official name (or initials, e.g. J B Jazz)? As far as I know, it will not change your full name or preferred name on the sender`s side. However, this then opens a Pandora`s box – which I don`t think I have enough experience to talk about effectively, but one of the problems would be the “dead naming” of those who are in transition. Or on the other hand, those who have never given their real name — I know someone whose real name is William — even his parents don`t call him that. As long as it makes sense, as @Rika say, and it`s not just a nickname like “becoming two beers,” I think there`s a good middle ground.

Two weeks before the name change, Monzo received a limited banking license from the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, which was revoked in April 2017. [13] [14] Monzo had a number of prepaid debit cards in use, which it issued to users for testing purposes. [15] These cards were used until chequing accounts were made available to all and the prepaid program was discontinued on April 4, 2018. [16] However, as a member of a responsible bank, we also need to make sure we understand why you want to use your preferred name.

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