Movies with the Word Law in the Title

This hilarious two-minute short film hasn`t been licensed by the owners of Bambi or Godzilla, but it lives up to its title. In Bambi, Godzilla actually meets Godzilla, with surprisingly realistic consequences (but the film`s most iconic moment isn`t spoiled here). First Monday in October (1981). With Walter Matthau and Jill Clayburgh. A SLAW reader noted that my list of right-wing movies initially omitted this movie (which I haven`t seen yet), in which Jill Clayburgh plays the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court (which, coincidentally, was the same year Sandra Day O`Connor was the first female justice on that court). According to the descriptions, Walter Matthau plays the bent-bent liberal judge at court when it comes to supposed comic friction between the two. Read Janet Maslin`s largely unfavorable review in 1981 in the New York Times. A Time to Kill (1996) with Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey. Another of several films based on a novel by John Grisham.

It tells the story of a young lawyer (played by McConaughey) who takes on a case in the South in which he defends a black man accused of killing the two white men who raped his daughter. Grisham`s standard rate, well acted and relatively entertaining as a courtroom drama. Read Roger Ebert`s review (3 out of 4 stars). Things get more and more complicated as the characters experiment with the monitor`s capabilities, with the visual experience constantly being caught up with each strange and time-consuming new development. It will probably “exceed” your expectations of what you can expect from a time travel movie, making it one of the best sci-fi movies of recent times. Directed by Brad Furman, Matthew McConaughey plays Mick Haller, a criminal defense attorney who runs his law firm from a Lincoln Continental. Mick`s clientele consists mostly of petty criminals, but he has surprisingly opportunity to defend a wealthy Beverly Hills playboy named Louis Ross Roulet, played by Ryan Phillippe, who is accused of attempted murder. So, if copyright and trademark law do not reliably protect movie titles, why aren`t there more movies with the same title? To address this issue, the MPAA established a title registry in 1925.

Its members, including all major film studios, can register film titles with the registrar. All members agree not to use previously registered securities without authorization, and all disputes will be resolved in private proceedings. This gives the industry the ability to regulate the reuse of film titles when copyright and trademark rights are not sufficient. But just because the MPAA can regulate the reuse of titles among its members doesn`t mean it can force an independent filmmaker to change a film title. Directed by Robert Redford, The Conspirator tells the story of the aftermath of the assassination of President Lincoln. After the assassination of the president, seven men and one woman were arrested and charged with conspiracy to assassinate him, as well as the vice president and the secretary of state. Adam`s Rib (1949) Cast: Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn. A drama/comedy in which Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy stand husband and wife at opposite ends of a trial in which she defends a woman accused of murdering her husband, with Spencer Tracy pursuing the case. Conflict of interest? Read a film review by Tim Dirks. Oddly enough, while not without quirks, the film probably isn`t as crazy as you`d expect from the title. It follows a man named Fabio on the run after witnessing a murder, and the killer tells the police that Fabio is the one who did it. It`s very much inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, and even if it`s not super exaggerated, it still offers this incredible title.

Law School is Korean, but it`s amazing. “How to get away with murder”, “the lawyer”, believe me, you will like them better. This is a law student`s current list of films that affect law in one form or another. I ranked each of them according to several criteria and gave little weight to the extent of the legal activity in the film. In short, once considered a legal film, I only classified it according to my personal taste. For example, The Rainmaker earned extra points because I`m a student at Memphis Law, the same school that the main character attended. This is hardly a useful criterion for most. In the end, I just wanted to compile several scattered and incomplete lists of legal films. I add movies to this list all the time, so I haven`t seen many movies in the bottom half.

Gambini, played by Joe Pesci, does his best to defend his cousin and his cousin`s friend, but makes a number of missteps along the way.

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