Ngos for Legal Internship

Interested candidates can apply by sending at least one month in advance a letter of notification from their institutions concerned to the Director of CINI, indicating the purpose and duration of the proposed internship. The curriculum vitae of the students/researchers must also be attached to the letter. Confirmation of the proposed internship/research work will be sent after review of the documents. The International AIDS Society is the world`s largest association of HIV caregivers. It has members from more than 180 countries, all of which are responding to AIDS worldwide. The ICD publishes various internship positions on its website, but since December 2016 an internship to participate in the IAS 2017 Information Communications Technology Onsite project. Applicants must be currently studying or have recently completed a bachelor`s degree in information technology and have a variety of previous experience in computer science. Knowledge of English is necessary, and speaking French is a plus. People living with HIV are encouraged to apply. Applicants need a Swiss work permit. is a New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to making New York City the global model of inclusive innovation and economic growth to create shared wealth.

The initiative aims to inspire women to develop their careers while providing tools in the form of legal advice, technical training or funding needed for a successful career. offers a variety of opportunities for people who want to get involved in their work. Becoming a mentor, volunteering at an event, becoming an event partner that launches or issues a program are some of the ways to get involved in the work of the initiative. For more information, interested candidates should visit the website and visit the jobs page. Internships consist of a 32-hour week and 4 days for 12 weeks. Interns participate in research, help prepare proposals, and submit papers for publication. The application deadline for summer internships is March 15. Considering that you are all law students and that you will all do an internship to gain practical knowledge. But what if you don`t gain any experience in your field after a month of internship? As mentioned in the example above, students need to do some preliminary research on the organizations they wish to do an internship with.

Getting a summer internship at an NGO is much easier than finding a postgraduate position for several reasons. First, as noted earlier, funding for summer internships for law students is often available through law schools and other organizations. If you are able to volunteer, make this clear in your cover letters, as an “independent” law student is often very attractive to an NGO. Second, NGOs do not expect students to have the expertise they expect from lawyers. In addition, the time required – both for students and organizations – is relatively short. So you need to be optimistic about your ability to land a great international position and think ambitiously, about where you`d most like to work. While we`re optimistic about getting a great summer position, you need to understand the reality of the hiring process. In addition to preparation, patience, perseverance and flexibility are required. The American Red Cross offers paid internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students during the summer. The internships allow people to gain valuable hands-on experience working with Red Cross volunteers and staff at local and national levels.

Paid internships last 10 weeks and consist of a 40-hour week. Each internship has different application criteria and specific tasks. Potential candidates may apply for more than one term. Depending on the duration, missions last 3 to 4 months and usually require a 20-hour week. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-USA) is expanding many opportunities for spring, summer and fall internships in New York. Access Campaign Commission, Access HIV and Tuberculosis Policy, Editorial and Multimedia, and Medical and Operational Research are just a few of the internships offered each year. Finally, “Don`t put all your eggs in one basket.” That`s where flexibility comes in. Sometimes situations arise when you have to completely rethink your summer plans. For example, despite excellent reviews from former articling students and well-established ties to your law school, an employer may decide not to hire articling students for a summer. Similarly, students were offered jobs, which were then turned down due to turbulence in the area where the internships are located. Without notice, organizations may decide that they need a longer commitment than the summer, or they may decide to hire law students from another school or country.

In these inevitable times of impatience and worry about not having a summer job, you should use your network (which you have already built to identify NGOs) to support you and help you find a great internship. Amnesty International was founded in London in 1961 and is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the world. With nearly 7 million supporters, the organization engages in a variety of human rights issues. Today, Amnesty International`s International Secretariat occasionally offers paid internships in London. The non-profit media and communications organization ReThink Media offers internship opportunities to students and PhD students. Internships are conducted in Washington DC, Berkeley, California or Boise Idaho, depending on preferences and availability. Child Rights Connect is a member of the “We Pay Our Interns” initiative. The organization offers 6-month internships in its secretariat in Geneva, starting every year in January and July.

University students and recent graduates interested in advocating for children`s rights at the international level are encouraged to apply.

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