Who I am?
I’m faster to live lives with equality and change the world with multiple sports. BLACKRUNNER is a sporting goods manufacturing company located in Sialkot Pakistan. Created in 2015 by ALI RIAZ and WHITE PAK GROUP.

Support For Every Sport
There is an idea before starting the Blackrunner, we were thinking we can change all the lives either it’s black or white, humans or animals through multiple sports on one platform. Blackrunner is not about the color black or white it’s all about equality. We are made for everyone, For People, Horses, and Dogs. It is about more than fitness, sports, running, and workout clothes. We are born to support for every sport to improve their own sport with style.

International Standard
BLACKRUNNER is the leading Manufacturer, Importer, and Exporters of premium quality sporting goods, competitive with international standards and economical prices comparable on a global scale. In our company, we thoroughly check and concentrate on each and every step of the production process from raw material to finished goods and packing. All products are made in our own facility by the workers who are best in their workmanship and commitment. Our products are produced with premium quality and well-tested materials and are in compliance with the International Standards.

Quality Goods
To achieve the heights and peaks of everlasting success, we are providing our valued customers the quality products, timely services, and related technical services through product development, innovation, and acquisition of technology. The contentment of our customers as well as our employees is a major part of our mission.

Professional Workmanship
When you contact us for any assistance or products, you will always be greeted by our professionals with the assurance of the best and most timely services. They will provide you assistance for any inquiry that you may have and in-time delivery of your required products. We always welcome prospective customers and joint ventures to expand our activities around the Globe. We assure you of our best quality and timely delivery.

Blackrunner offers premium quality goods at the best price in a sustainable way. We are providing you with premium quality Dog Sport, Police, Military, Hunting, Fishing, and Equine Sport goods and accessories. We have a tannery for leather goods and accessories based on 26 years of experience in the leather field and we have a textile manufacturing unit which is based on 14 years of experience in the garment field.

For People, Horses, and Dogs
We elevate for every sport and make for every soul. We do right by people and the planet. Together, we drive meaningful change in all communities around the world and now we got it and make for people, horses, and dogs.