A quality committed company

Care and responsibility are what link together our work on quality and environmental sustainability. The aim of our quality policy is to meet what our customers expect before, during and after their purchase. Every customer contact should lead to recommendation of our products. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone has some customer contact, inside or outside the organisation. To maintain a successful and competitive business, it is vital that we measure up to our quality goals and maintain constant improvement. We aim to achieve this by having the right-sized organisation, fit-for-purpose work procedures, and our personnel’s positive attitude and commitment.

We believe you’ve come to exactly the right place. Top quality and reliability are in demand wherever there is a danger to life or where the protection of expensive production systems, extremely valuable machines and the highest productivity are concerned.

BLACKRUNNER strive for quality. That is our top priority. Customer’s satisfaction is the most important criterion of quality.

Requiring that our products must be:

  1. Best in prices
  2. Perfection in goods
  3. Deliver on given time

Our objective is to implement and maintain International Standards to enable us to reduce customer Complaints, Reworks and Rejection.

We assure you of our Best Quality, Best Service and Best Price.