1. Be a visionary and become accountable for your actions. Every action is an idea before it is an action, and perhaps a feeling before it is an idea, and every idea rests upon other ideas that have preceded it in time.
  2. Keep in mind you cannot take an action until you believe in yourself enough to handle the consequences of your decisions. Any time you assume the responsibility to give something that had not existed before an opportunity to become a reality.
  3. Think positive and never put too much pressure on yourself. Take the time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. Most people are too anxious to get their desired results and thus start to make bad decisions as they go.
  4. Always follow the right peoples who have done it before. Simplicity is the key to selling the vision for your idea. Learn how to sell your vision sooner than later. Don’t wait as it takes time to piece together and refine your message. Converting your idea to reality requires you to help others understand your vision.
  5. Stay focused and stick to your plan, eliminate distractions and neutralize the noise. Remember to manage your time wisely and never get overly excited about new opportunities that stem from your original idea.
  6. No matter how smart, passionate, or focused you work, without balance we are all susceptible to burnout. Mind, body, and soul must be properly aligned. Take the time to make life balance a priority.
  7. Once you give your idea its life, it is your responsibility that its impact stays alive forever and one day your vision will be completed and you make proud of it as a founder.


                       ALI RIAZ